Winter Golf Tips

Time To Put in the Work Now… For Lower Scores Later!!

Each of us have goals for our score being lower this year; hit a draw that we cannot hit now or better understand how to fight a hook. NOW is the time that we can work on proper mechanics that can aid in achieving your goals.  Goals are just outcomes, what we do in preparation is the real work.  Everyone works hard, does the daily grind to be successful in your life or workplace.  Now is the time to work on your swing or game to eliminate the inconsistency and become better.  

TIPS to be Ready to Play Great Golf in the Spring...
1.    Have a club with you at all times whether your working on impact or take-away rehearsing is one of the best keys to change motor pattern and finally get rid of the faults. If you cannot do it in slow motion, how do you expect to do it swinging it 80 m.p.h.?
2.    Work on your grip, have a club in your office at home, constantly work on getting your hands properly set.
3.    Use a mirror to work on proper golf posture.
4.    The biggest asset this time of year at Commonwealth is the indoor facility.  The lights are on and the heat is cranking. Here you can hit balls and see ball flight utilizing FlightScope. This will help identify areas that need improvement and areas that you do well. Challenge yourself; do not work on areas of your game that are strong, focus on areas that are the most challenging to you. We can help because every now and again you need the low ball, highball, right to left or left to right. That is the fun part having the ability to do that.  It is all in you let us get you better!
5.    Work on strength and flexibility specific to golf, there are many resources to help you identify golf specific exercises. Emphasize flexibility!

After you read this, write some goals down, put your name on it and drop in the golf shop. We love to help people reach their goals, surpass them and make new ones.  

Make 2022 Your Best Golf Season Ever!

~ CNGC Golf Professional Staff