Booze Free Beverage Ideas

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Booze Free Beverage Ideas

Booze-Free Beverage Ideas

Clubs are expanding beverage programs to include a more thoughtful variety of alcohol-free options.


As members and guests seek refreshing, flavorful and more healthful alternatives to stay hydrated, functional beverages, including sports drinks, flavored waters, juices, coffees and mocktails, are stirring up the beverage menus at club and resort properties.


Form Follows Function

At Commonwealth National Golf Club in Horsham, Pa., flavored waters are also trending.

With flavored waters, it’s all about finding the most flavorful product with the least amount of calories and fake sugars.

Hot Haute Hot

Colder weather brings with it a desire to sip more robust, steamy beverages like hot chocolate and specialty coffees.


At Commonwealth National Golf Club, Beverage Manager and Sommelier Patrice Hewski incorporates immunity-boosting, fresh-pressed juices into the club’s low- and no-alcohol drinks.

Giving Dry a Try

At Commonwealth National GC, we are especially keen on developing the club’s mocktail menu with creative ingredients and flavors.

I think one thing to have come out of the pandemic is the realization that life is not all about burning yourself out and compensating for your stress with alcohol. Many of our members are looking to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, and mocktails are really taking off.

In line with this trend, the Commonwealth National team is incorporating immunity-boosting, fresh-pressed juices that are combined with activated charcoal, aloe vera, tea, and other detoxing agents into bases for beverages with low- or no-alcohol mixers.

For example, we use ginger quite frequently. Not only does the potent flavor replace the need for sugar, its antioxidant compounds play a role in reducing swelling and aiding in pain management, which is an important concern for many of our golfers.

Homemade syrups are also boosting beverage sales at Commonwealth Nationali.

We have an amazing bartender who has a passion for making simple syrups. She’s currently working on a lavender syrup and a honey-ginger syrup that we’ll use in weekend beverage specials—and beyond.

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