Spiced Apple Bellini

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Spiced Apple Bellini

Say ‘Cheers’ to Fall With This Spiced Apple Bellini

The initial inspiration for one of the club’s seasonal drinks, the Spiced Apple Bellini, came from a member.

A very lovely member named Christina who enjoys her bellinis made in a very specific way. I looked to her—and the very well-loved and versatile aperol spritz—for inspo. That’s where I found my seasonal riff.

The drink is light, crisp and warm—with a nice balance of sweet and tart.

Club + Resort Chef (C+RC): What makes this a successful drink?

Patrice Hewski (PH): I focused on the time of day the drink would be enjoyed as well as what food would most likely accompany it. Prosecco is in—in any season. Notice how Aperol was flying off the shelves in the summer? Light and low ABV choices are staples après golf.  I wanted to create a taste of the fall that goes great with small bites like seasonal flat breads, soups and Buffalo wings. Perfect for that snack time in between lunch and dinner—with just enough kick to relax you but still allow you to get on with responsibilities of the day.

C+RC: What about this drink makes you most proud?

PH: I’m most proud that I get to talk about this cocktail in Club + Resort Chef! I like the semi-craft nature of this cocktail. Simple enough to execute for consistency but with a little homemade touch. This is the cocktail that would be ordered by one person at a cocktail hour or brunch and, within minutes, I’d have a request for 20 more.

C+RC: Do you think other beverage managers could be inspired by this drink?

PH: Yes, I would challenge beverage managers to look beyond crafting a menu item that just tastes good to asking questions like, ‘What time of the day will this be enjoyed? Where in the club will it be enjoyed and by whom?’ For example, this cocktail is perfect for outdoor consumption this time of year because it’s not served over ice and it’s served in a wine glass. Think about it: Would you want to hold an ice-cold glass on a brisk day while relaxing by the fire pit? Nope. However, grasping the stem of a slightly chilled bubbly while enjoying warm small bites sounds divine.

Private club talent are in the unique position to truly cater to the needs of a very specific, very repeat demographic. Look for inspiration in your clientele while simultaneously looking for opportunities to teach them something new.

Spiced Apple Bellini
Click here for the recipe.


Originally published in Club and Resort Chef


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